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I am here in berkeley having gotten everything done this morning that I had to do and as it is lunch hour the department is ghostly and empty and there is no sign of anyone to tell me anything although I did see Maxine while walking up to the building or rather she saw me first and hailed me with a bright smile which often means that she's heard nice things about you but sometimes it just means she's happy to see you so in my paranoia I'm not sure what to make of it.

I don't even know if the meeting is morning or afternoon so I have very little information to go on here. for cripes sake why can't they give some thought to my blood pressure?

therapy was good. I'm not going to say anymore than that except that I'm going twice a week right now and I'm fine it's not emergency measures or anything. just that she's good and wants to be thorough.

I had to go pee in a cup for my drug program and they gave me a little narrow men's tube instead of the wide-mouthed cup they give women but I managed to get some in there. I swear the human "female" urinary apparatus is just not thought out very well. dogs have it better than we do. even cats: no folds of skin to skew the flow first this way and then that. just a neat little opening in their fur, close to the surface. is it really evolutionarily advantageous to get pee all over yourself unless you have a very wide hole to aim at? maybe it is. maybe males are actually attracted to the scent of dried urine. is that it?

well so here I am. I am still not inclined to work. I could get right back on BART and go home but the hour-and-a-half of nausea that now induces is not something I particularly want to deal with just yet. I mean I have to go home sometime but I might as well feel pukey in the evening when I am not trying to get anything accomplished.

man it'd be nice if somebody told me something. maybe I will visit Maxine after lunch hour and see if she has any good news for me.

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