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soon we will all sit and watch student presentations together. these things always make me a little nervous besides the normal conversation-nervous in that getting everyone in there and going and out of there on time is a little like running a vaudeville show without rehearsal. I have to trust everyone not to go over their time limit and decide whether to "gong" those who do--of course almost everyone will because they too are nervous and afraid they won't have enough material so they prepare way too much.

checked email as soon as I got here and no one has jumped out of bed this morning to respond to my dissertation. I didn't really think they would but just thought I'd check. I'm fairly certain that this whole thing is the main reason my unease continues on into the week. sure there are other things to be out of sorts about but this is beooming an obsession.

should I email Judith if the obsession gets out of hand or just continue to wait?

oh this sucks.

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