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I need to go get something to eat for dinner. yesterday I had three bowls of cereal in between falling asleep in the chair so I need a substantial meal. I have no idea what to get or where to go to get it.

I could get some premade pasta at the whole foods store. I do need cereal there after all. I could also get a couple of frozen entrees (one is not enough) but at $5 a pop I might as well go out to eat but I don't really feel like going out to eat so I suppose $10 for frozen food might be worth the being able to stay in. I don't feel like a burrito--I have been getting the less greasy kind from a place that (horrors!) steams their tortillas instead of grilling them but I don't really want one tonight from them or from the old usual place. but I'd better eat soon as I can feel my blood sugar dropping by the second and in a minute I might go on a rampage.

guess I'll go to the store and see what looks edible.

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