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it took me all of five minutes to get through my friends page this morning. what is up with you people? did you all go to bed at 8:30 too?

see now I don't know what to do while I wait for breakfast to settle. I suppose I could sit and then get to work. that would be novel: starting work before 10 on a non-teaching day.

I need to put some more stuffing in my zafu. that's the fancy name for cushion you sit and meditate on. it came stuffed with buckwheat hulls but they were as hard as tiny little bricks so I bought a bunch of kapok and poured out the buckwheat and have been slowly stuffing the kapok in as it gets tamped down by my sitting on it. right now it has gone all flat from the last time I thought I had it stuffed full. I bought five pounds of batting because their kapok-filled zafus weigh three and a half pounds and I wanted to make sure I had enough. I've used about half of it I think so I guess it makes sense that it isn't really full yet.

so in case you are in the market for a zafu and the kapok ones are characterized as "firm" and the buckwheat ones are characterized as "moldable" bear in mind that once the buckwheat hulls are the shape of your ass they are like sitting on a concrete bench the shape of your ass. if your problem is that you don't have enough padding on your ass to keep from impinging on every nerve that runs between your sitting bones and what you are sitting on, go for the "firm" kapok. it is much softer and far more likely to keep your legs from falling asleep.

anyway yeah important things on my mind this morning. I am feeling a bit better than I did over the weekend. still I need a vacation so badly that I just want to get a car and go driving down highway one till I get tired and then check into whatever motel presents itself as reasonably nice and with free high speed internet access. of course I don't really have any money and that didn't used to stop me but my credit cards stopped working a long time ago so cash is the way we have to go now and I haven't got so much.

ok. it's 8. I'll sit.

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