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putting it off just one more minute

I have to remember to bring refreshments to class on monday. I meant to bring a little candy or cookies or something this past monday but after the crappy weekend all thoughts of congeniality vanished in a huge cloud of worry and stress. I'm not sure what to bring besides chocolate covered espresso beans; they can get just about whatever they want at the cafe which is right across from our classroom so there's no need to get fancy but I thought a little something to munch while watching presentations wouldn't be a bad thing. I guess I could bring those plus something non-chocolate and non-caffeinated for the uncorrupted among us. don't know if there are any but you never know who can't handle the leaded stuff.

what should the second choice be? it has to be small and easy to carry on a crowded bus; preferably something that will fit into my briefcase. I suppose just some sort of non-chocolate candy might be the answer. jolly ranchers or something.

speaking of refreshments yesterday I bought a bottle of ginger-lime sparkling water and I thought it sounded good but it wasn't just water with ginger and lime but also full of sucralose or whatever that non-aspartame sweetener is and it was really disgusting. what is wrong with americans that we have to sweeten our beverages until you feel like you are drinking straight maple syrup. I didn't even think to look at the label as it just said "ginger-lime sparkling water" so I thought that's all it was. bleh. if I wanted sugar in my water I'd get a coke. needless to say I was not refreshed. I threw it away after taking about three sips. maybe some homeless person in need of sticky sweet water picked it up.

yeah I need to put on clothes and get to work. I'm trying to think if there's anywhere I have to be today. I don't think there is. whoop!

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