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oh. my. god.

you ever get so tired on your way back home and your blood sugar is so low that you can barely walk and your legs are shaking and you are sweating buckets and your shoulder aches from holding up your bag and you get in your door and you can't even muster the energy to bend down and get the mail because that would entail bending up again which seems impossible so you leave it down there and you walk directly into the kitchen to get that cookie you've been thinking about since 16th street and then you go to your room and set down your bag which you can barely lift high enough to get the strap over your head and off your body and you strip off your jacket and your shirt and finally your tshirt which is soaked through and finally plop down in your chair and open the cookie and take a bite and great gods above it tastes like ambrosia must have tasted to the greeks and you open your fizzy water and drink it down and it tastes like life itself in liquid form and they both spread through your body like tiny warm blankets.

agony and ecstasy.

soon I will wash my hands and have some pizza but it won't taste as good as that cookie did.

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