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why I'm still up I don't have a clue. my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning because I wanted to get a shower in before going to listen to their presentations on this our last class day so I got up before 6 but did not make it into the shower for reasons of morning sloth but I must shower tomorrow morning before therapy as although I don't mind showing up dirty to school I won't show up dirty for therapy. I can't tell you exactly why that is as I suppose you should be less worried about how your therapist perceives your level of cleanliness but for me I guess it is the last thing I will let go of before sanity itself leaves me: the compulsion to be clean for therapy.

therapy starts in twelve hours. I need nine hours of sleep which gives me three hours to get up, have coffee, sit, and shower. I think I can do that. bearing in mind that these days I sit for forty minutes in the morning. takes a long time, sitting for forty minutes. better part of an hour, I'd say.

I have to get going with the grading this week as I want to be done before the weekend. not so that I can do anything particularly holiday-like--although perhaps I will go see a movie in the afternoon with the rest of urban america. catherine is coming home for christmas so I will see her at some point which is very good. everyone else is leaving. it is really difficult to find people who stay put for the holidays. luckily for me my therapist is jewish, so her holidays do not coincide with mine. I could see her three times this week if I wanted. I don't think there will be a need but just in case. because I have a "parity" diagnosis we can milk my insurance for all they're worth between now and graduation when suddenly I won't have any anymore. get yourself a "with psychosis" dx and you too can make your therapist a rich wo/man with relatively little outlay.

yeah last class. I have to say that this is the first time I genuinely felt sad to see it end. this is a positive development I think. in the past it's always been one big "whew" and then down comes the curtain of denial until about five days before the next semester starts. this year I think I might be able to consider next semester at just about any time without flying into a panic.

their projects were really interesting. not that berkeley students don't do interesting presentations, but at least there were no powerpoint slideshows for this group. although it might prove worthwhile to see what could be artistically done with powerpoint. surely for instance there would be a way to make it a parody of itself, if that doesn't already happen daily in offices around the world. maybe a short film of powerpoint presentations all spliced together in senseless ways. that's probably what I'd do for a presentation: a metapresentation. this is why I am in rhetoric, after all. if any of my students are reading this and do this for their next presentation bear in mind that I do have a photographic memory of almost everything I write. on the other hand, if you do a good job of it I'll probably still give you an A.

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