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rain delay

I was going to go sell some cds and then maybe go buy art supplies if the cds sold. but I think I'll wait and grade papers instead.

maybe tomorrow.

I meant to get up hours before I did so I'm not right on the ball today but there is time to get some work done still before my brain shuts down for the evening.

the heater stopped working and it seems the pilot light is out. I had good luck lighting it before but it doesn't always do what it is supposed to do. hope I can get it lit by friday. it's supposed to get something like cold by then.

my bank paid my citycarshare bill (who incidentally submitted it after I emailed them asking if I could possibly be billed after this weekend. @#$!.) so now I am overdrawn. money is on the horizon but friday is probably the earliest it will arrive. there is a chance I could get insurance money before then but I'm not optimistic.

hence the cd selling idea. I do have about $30 in my wallet to live on till friday so I will be able to eat but I wanted a canvas board and a big tube of blue and some new red as well. I had an inspiration while sitting that I should try a homeopathic remedy for my remarkable ability to see little religious icons everywhere.

but that will have to wait.

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