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evening news

I netted $75 on cd sales as I chose shrewdly just which ones to take to the ultra-effete aquarius records. no fear: I am not desperate enough yet to sell off the ones of people I really like. wilco, the wrens--I'm never going to like them and it's time to stop pretending that I "appreciate their talent." there are now like-new copies of two of "the greatest pop records of all time" available at aquarius for cheap.

among others. they wouldn't take gogol bordello so I guess they've already been struck from the a-list. such a short career.

so I went and got supplies for my new project which maybe I'll actually finish one day. I am now working on four different pieces at once--although I may have finished one last night except for the varnish I was going to put over the whole thing. oh wait. five. then there's the whole question of what to do with the mink skull and the contents of the owl pellets and the other piece of metal screen fabric. seems those elements might be asking to be put together but will have to consider carefully the means.

the books I put on hold at the library came in today so I have the anti-fundy rapture debunking book and a book of correspondence between Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem. this last will probably show up somewhere in the dissertation between approach and divine abjection. I have to get that far soon. I must get up early tomorrow and get the grading out.

so much to do and so little capacity to overcome the kajillion mental obstacles to doing it. I'm just going to keep banging my head against the wall till everything falls out of it.


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