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I'm already not liking today. after sleeping nearly 14 hours completely by accident I woke up to pounding headache and hot flashes all reminding me that I'm three days late on my shot which I will do here as soon as I've had enough coffee to be able hit the vial but so I go to make breakfast and my dear little santiago is tugging on the dead leaves of a plant sitting over the sink and before I can shoo him away he upends the whole thing onto the counter except for the clay pot of course it dislodges itself from the soil and root ball and goes crashing onto the floor into a million pieces. we don't seem to have any more pots big enough to repot it so now I have to find a store that is open in the late afternoon of christmas eve that sells pots. I'm thinking cole hardware but I have no idea what their hours are today. what happens to a plant if its roots are exposed for, like, 48 hours? should I put it in the one container we do have, a basket with plastic lining without drainage, that would just about fit it? I'm not going to be watering it. it's quite moist.

and I'll need to start cleaning rat cages today which is my least favorite part of the taking care of the critters job but if I wait till they all are dirty I'm going to be crying. one cage a day should be doable. I get all nervous like I'm going to lose a rat or something but there are so many extra cages now there are plenty of ways to go about relocating residents. oh and I might get bitten but what are you going to do. I try to approach them slowly but some just think my fingers look like the little beige food blocks sandy feeds them.

I hate when I oversleep to this extent. makes me feel unvirtuously slothful.

in the "good" column, catherine called and left a message. she seems to have made it here in one piece and we will get together soon!


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