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peace among the ranks

I have to say that feeding all the animals this time around is strangely relaxing in a way it didn't used to be. maybe it is the sheer number of them now: listening to 14 sets of little teeth happily munching away is just sweet.

not so excited about cleaning the rat cage but one must go on and do what needs to be done. I don't know where sandy puts all the dirty paper and litter unless she places it straight into the compost bin. I guess it's all organic matter, but are you supposed to put animal waste in the compost or in the garbage? I'm not much of a farmer.

catherine might come by tomorrow but if not then then later on in the week. she is here for two weeks so there is plenty of leeway. now I'm not sure what to do about brokeback mountain tickets. I haven't checked yet to see what times are available but I suppose if I got a ticket and it turned out to be when she could come over it would be worth the wasted $9. otherwise if she doesn't come over I'll be sitting here with nothing to do all day.

well that's not true. I haven't finished the grading yet and I want to get that done by the end of Monday.



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