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radio is still radio

my tastes are so idiosyncratic even pandora can't figure out what I'll like. either that or I'm impatient and need to spend a day with it before it can be consistently on target. so far most songs I'm like yeah this is close but it is missing that special something that I cannot even describe much less name in musical terms but if a song doesn't have it it goes nowhere with me. it's more than a good hook although it must be that; it has to have a certain melancholic edge that apparently is not necessarily minor key tonality and it has to have at least a dollop of aggressive passion to it and I don't know how you assign musical attributes to that.

it keeps giving me these wimpy boy band songs and I keep telling it I don't like them so I don't know what it is about what I do like but apparently it is just like wimpy boy band music only different.

maybe I should try building a different station.

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