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I don't know where all the fantastic day-after-xmas sales were yesterday but they weren't anywhere I was. well old navy had reduced prices on everything but since they stock the exact same clothing year in and year out, at least in the men's department, shopping there is utterly anticlimactic. I seem to enjoy going in there every few months and muttering to myself about all the unbelievably ugly clothes.

and what is it with the short-sleeved shirts? macys has rack after rack of men's short sleeved shirts on sale. hello? it's december? I mean yeah it's california and yeah it has been warm at times this fall and winter but come on. isn't there a sell-by date on summer stock after which it goes to cRoss dress for less?

almost everything else was regular price. there were random jeans on sale but I have enough of those. I did try on some slim brown stripedy low slung mod pants that looked nice but not nice enough for me to buy them. they were less than $50 with this discount coupon thing I've got but still. these days I have to fall in love with it before I will take it home with me.

but that's that. no more playtime till the middle of april; I have a million things to do in the next month and then assuming the part I turned in looks halfway ok to her, Judith wants my final draft--that's the entire thing--by April 10 if I am to file next semester.

!!! hand me the klonopin please!

I don't know if this will be feasible but for now I must make a list and a schedule and stick to it from now until then. I don't think I can leave town in January unless I take like a three-day break up in the woods at Pt Reyes, which I just might do at some point. I really really really need to spend some time in my tent but it might have to wait.

make comprehensive list
make comprehensive schedule
tally response papers
figure participation grades

finish grading papers that I have
track down students missing work
buy pot for poor plant over sink
clean however many cages need it
write piece for anthology

clean kitchen
straighten up living room
sweep house
put my things back. back? away. something.
write piece for anthology

finish piece for anthology
write up Agamben's ambivalence about shame and potential

submit piece for anthology

the remainder of the month:
write 40 pages of dissertation
email AC about setting up server, pedagogy website
email KF about emailing AC
set up server, pedagogy website
finish lost and found site for GL
tweak CSSC site
finalize reader, provide clean copy by 1/9
construct syllabus
compose introductory remarks

I imagine a normal person working 40 hours a week could get all this done. but you know how it is with me: three hours of solid work and I have to have the rest of the afternoon off to recuperate. is that how it goes in most workplaces? do you really goof off for five hours a day, or do you spread that three hours' worth over a longer period? or is it that everyone in the world gets more work done than I do. this last would not surprise me.

I have to start getting up early again. earlier, that is. like 6:30 instead of 8:30.

last night I dreamed that Judith came to my parents' church with me. she was surprised that I'd wear a dress and tried to get me into a sunday school class that was teaching zen. it got wierder from there.

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