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whistle while you work

I have to get off the interweb and get the grading finished. it seems like I'm always saying that to myself.

I made myself a little schedule yesterday and so far I've blown off one thing. I'm also running 15 minutes late, which is another reason I should get off the interweb.

I had fun painting last night but it's going to be an expensive hobby if I insist on impasto, which I do. half the fun of acrylic paint is building things with it.

sandy will be home in two days. usually I am dying to get the animals into her care by now but I have been doing remarkably calmly in keeping them clean and fed.

tomorrow I have to clean the house. it's always nice to clean the house for your housemate before they come home, isn't it? also to keep them from seeing the squalor you would live in if it were just you.

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