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long end

I did almost everything on my schedule today. I did not finish grading but made good progress. I might have to put off cleaning till after I finish grading tomorrow. I got a pot for the poor plant finally. it seems to be doing ok. I took its dangly leaves and pulled them up around the pot on the shelf so that they are no longer dangling. dangly leaves + small insane cat = lots of wasted pots and potting soil.

it is now that part of the day that I always dread although in the last few years I've come not to dread it quite so much but today I had a rockstar energy drink that left me feeling a little irritable and that is not a good thing to be at 3pm, the midday of the soul. I feel a nap coming on in fact so energy schmenergy; but I don't want to sleep for five hours and then get up and go to bed or I will feel like I wasted the late afternoon/early evening but of course having been productive earlier in the day it's not like I got nothing done so perhaps the nap is not such a bad idea. it's just that if I go to sleep now that's pretty much it till tomorrow morning.

::closes eyes for extended moment::

golly that felt good.

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