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get up and do it again

so since I didn't finish the grading yesterday I'm rearranging my schedule a little so that I can finish that this morning and clean this afternoon. oh joy.

I used to like to clean, occasionally. put on some peppy music and revel in the gratification of watching a gray floor become a white floor. I rarely get the hit from it that I used to though. I really have no idea why this would be, other than a meds regime that keeps my energy levels a little muted. that could be enough, I suppose.

that and always feeling like I have way too much to do anyway makes it difficult to fit cleaning in there with everything else and still feel good about what I'm accomplishing.

ah well. one must clean at least every six months. I don't remember if I did a thorough kitchen cleaning during the semester but it looks like hell now either way. time to scrape the crust off the stove.

sandy will be home tomorrow and shortly after that the year will end and another one will start and then shortly after that I have my birthday and that is when the holiday season officially ends for me. growing up having a mid january birthday was actually pretty cool. it extended christmas rather than the two canceling each other out if they were closer. and while everyone else was feeling end-of-holiday letdown I was just gearing up for another party.

of course the day after brings me a bigger hangover than everyone else's so it's not all fun and games.

just for kicks, here is one link to my amazon wish list or you can search for the wishlist of catdoc at uclink4 dot berkeley dot edu and here is a link to my powells wish list. I also accept good wishes. the day is Jan 10 which falls boringly on a tuesday this year.

but enough about me. must feed the animals now.

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