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did not sleep so well what with the wind and the rain and the wind and the wind.. wind doesn't usually bother me and it wasn't frightening particularly but it was loud and I kept wondering how fast air has to go before it will break glass. then I reassured myself by telling myself that my window looks to have been here a good sixty years at least and then I bopped myself on the head for good measure.

also there is a pulley for a nonexistant laundry line right outside the window and when the wind is from the south southwest it swings back and forth against the wall about a foot from my pillow. if I were a little braver and/or agile I would lean out and remove it. as is I fear I would fall on my head or drop the pulley on someone else.

thus I anticipate a snooze of a meditation session this morning.

sandy is back and I am no longer in charge of everyone's health and safety so I can stay in my room all day if I wish. she brought me some coffee which is really wonderful as I am out of money to buy myself any and just made what would have been my last pot this morning.

the wind has died down. perhaps I should go back to bed.


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