Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

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get away

I need to leave the house. I need a mission of some kind as I have a hard time doing anything out there if I don't have a goal. something like needing toothpaste would be enough.

I guess I could go to OfficeMax and see how much their card printing stock is and the three buckets of ink that I am almost out of but I'm fairly certain that all told it would be more expensive than xmas cards bought posthumously.

on the other hand they would be unique.

I haven't actually seen sandy yet but I know she's been here because she left me a note. she must have run to her girlfriend's last night after getting home. I guess ten days away is a long time.

I also need milk. that's a little closer although if I went to OfficeMax I could also go to Rainbow grocery and get my money's worth. if I had any left over from the ink.

radar shows no rain on the way. I just might have a plan.
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