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no desire = suffering

I have just a few more papers to do tomorrow and then I will finally be done with the grading and good grief did that take forever.

now I am bored with myself and can't think of anything I particularly want to do. it is rainy out and there isn't anything I particularly want even if I had money to buy it although I could probably go find myself a 50% off calendar at a bookstore somewhere.

maybe that's the ticket.

that and something interesting to eat. I had that burrito yesterday but it was not all that great. cancun sometimes makes a less-than-great burrito in which there are too many onions and too much cilantro and not enough beans or cheese. what I really wanted was the salmon burrito up the street but they were closed which was too bad as I think they could have had a lot of business.

calendars. now that seems like a goal.

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