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vacation part two

ok you all are my witnesses that I am Taking One More Day Off, but tomorrow I must get back to work. if I start making lazy noises in the morning, you all are to take me aside and sternly admonish me to get back to work.

this is the closest I will get to a vacation until April so I think I get this second day.

outside there is a car alarm going off and something sounding like five people beating a really large, low-frequency rug. it's freaking santiago out and I can't seem to convince him that whatever it is is not coming for him. they say cats hear lower frequencies than we do; this rug must be booming something out that I can't pick up on.

jackson oddly is not phased.

today then will consist of sitting, showering, doing something fun, going to therapy, doing something fun, eating dinner, sleeping. so I only have to think of two fun things. yesterday I spent hunting down a book unsuccessfully. I might go to berkeley today to look for it before I give up and order it from powells.

oh cool now there's a circular saw going out there. wtf? ah city life.

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