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survival research labs is my neighbor

the building next door is getting its roof repaired and they are doing the job complete with the little flame thrower they use to do whatever it is they do with the little flame thrower (set the tar?) and it is making me extremely nervous because more than once since I've been here roofing crews have managed to set the building next door on fire and granted the fire usually is relatively minor in that it only guts the immediate room right next to the roof but guess where I am.

I'm thinking I should take pictures of everything I own right now and get the cat carriers out where I can get at them very quickly and put on clothes and shoes and put my extra hard drive and my ipod in a bag and hang it on the stairs.

I'm supposed to go drop off my reader later but dare I trust these guys not to cause any harm to my cats and my stuff?

I guess I will wait and see what they are doing three hours from now which is when the car reservation starts.

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