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no flames please

well I went and did most of what I had to do* and I when I came home everything was still here but I was pounding myself on the head repeatedly in order to make sure things turned out ok. as usual ::bop bop:: it worked.

I also stopped and got some more art supplies after seeing how much fun it is to cover gauze with paint and slop it onto canvas. so I got more canvas and more wire sheeting to add to the general texturedness of it all.

they are still working out there and it is still making me tense not only with the torch but with the general mayhem and yelling. I hope this is not a lengthy project as I really need some quiet in my room the next couple of weeks. I suppose ear plugs are always an alternative although then I wouldn't be able to hear anyone yelling fire!

* I say "most" because I stupidly did not print out a table of contents for my reader before leaving the house and so instead of turning in articles in random order I had to come back home to where my computer was to make said table of contents and now it's too late to get to the art institute before the office is closed so I guess I'll jump out of bed monday morning and run it straight over there.

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