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I spoke with lisagail this morning and she says she is ok and that I need not worry so I guess I will try to stop worrying and go on about my business. of course I'm also still a little shocked so that going about my business might not be so easy to do but to the extent that I can, I will.

today I must take my reader over to the art institute but first I have to stop at kinkos to run off the part I forgot to run off on friday. after that I'm not sure what I will do but I should probably try to be productive in one way or another.

I'm not sure what to do about my birthday as since I've been a little in shock I haven't gotten in touch with anyone except ute/hugo to do anything and I don't know how much notice the rest of my friends need. that and I'm not certain I will be feeling celebratory by tomorrow afternoon but on the other hand it might be good to gather. perhaps I will send out a "mass" email and see how many could see me tomorrow and how many would rather wait for the weekend.

tomorrow I was going to take the day off entirely. still will; just not sure what I will actually do with it.


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