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I woke up vaguely depressed. celebration letdown? work panic? lisa's mom? yeah probably.

the best thing for this would be to do some work I think although I don't know whether I ought to work on my dissertation or on my paying jobs as I'm way behind on the latter and the morning is already slipping away as I slept in till 8:30 after my riotous night. !

I should email the people in charge of my paying jobs to notify them of my brief burst of availability here. I wanted to do this two weeks ago but time always conspires against one. which gets worse as you get older, by the way.

as I sit and contemplate which to do I see that I will feel panicked and guilty about whichever one I don't do so it seems I'd better get a little done on each. which means I'd better get going which is to say I'd better sit very soon.

I'd take a klonopin to quell the panic but it tends to make vague depression less vague. oh the vicissitudes of chemical mood regulation.

santiago sleeps in my lap as though nothing were amiss. he's probably right.

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