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it is not yet 8 but I think very soon I will be sound asleep. it wasn't a long day exactly and I did not do anything strenuous but I'm about as sleepy as a person can be without hallucinating small furry creatures scurrying off out of one's peripheral vision.

thus I fear I must heed the call of the warm blankets and purring soft cats. how could one not want to be in bed with a pendleton blanket and two sweet cats? it's a wonder I get up in the mornings. this morning santiago even hit the snooze button for me. I don't know if he's figured out that's where to step to get the obnoxious guys on the radio to shut up or if was pure chance. he's pretty smart but I don't know if he's that smart.

he will stretch on command though. he likes to stretch out to the greatest length possible while I am holding him on his back and I've begun to be able to tell him to do it. I've never had a cat that obeyed any voice commands. can openers and refrigerator doors, sure. but not actual spoken words.

it is true that although I don't think he's a little person in a cat suit I do think that one of these days he's just going to start talking to me.

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