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soon I will go to bed. I read about php for six hours today. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of thinking like a programmer but there are still a few shortcuts that don't make complete sense to me. either that or I'm looking at clunky code and the shortcuts are actually convoluted solutions to problems that could be solved much more intuitively.

don't know which it is and by this time at night I don't care and can't really even distinguish the terms of the argument. falling asleep is always so sweet especially when both cats join me and I love sleep almost as much as I love the cats themselves but my dreams are such that I am always a little apprehensive about seeing what I will get each night. for one, on this particular meds combo I dream prolificly or at least I remember nearly every dream I have which has the effect of making me seem prolific and I still cannot remember the last time I had a particularly pleasant dream. it is a little wearing yet at the same time I adore crawling under the covers and drifting off.

it's like the first beer or the first cup of coffee. after the initial rush the rest is anticlimactic at best. the only good thing I've been able to come up with about this time rushing past thing is that I get to have first cups of coffee and first waves of sleep much more often than I used to. that at least is kind of cool.

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