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I don't like mondays

actually since giving up the 9 to 5 I don't mind mondays so much although when I was teaching on monday morning sunday night was an anxiety fest. this semester will be better as I am teaching thursday afternoons. this will not only shorten my freak out time by one day--I can prepare the day before and the morning of, whereas I was preparing all day saturday and sunday and then feeling totally burnt by monday afternoon, making me completely useless for anything else--and I will be closer to having a weekend at the same time as everyone else. not that that matters all that much to me but it is hard sometimes working on saturdays when the rest of the country is playing.

I was going to take some insurance claims to berkeley today but then it occurred to me that it is a holiday and things are all closed. I remember when MLK day first became a holiday and the buses in seattle went on a holiday schedule before employers actually gave anyone the holiday off. I thought it was a commendable gesture but it left us public transportation commuters in a hell of a mess.

anyway so I guess I will stay over here and practice my web designing skills, such as they are. tomorrow I will get up early and do some dissertation writing and then take a trip to berkeley and then come back here for therapy in the afternoon. I did put out about seven pages last week and I did reach a pausing point but I need to decide what comes next and keep going with it. no time to sit and ponder too much. given my "experimental" mode I really can go anywhere I want in the next paragraph and no one can tell me that my argument is not in logical order as it's not supposed to be.

otherwise I really really really need money. if anyone has any one-off web jobs or picture drawing or poetry writing they need done, please send them my way. I won't have time to do much once teaching starts a week from thursday but I'd really like to find a way to generate some cash in the next ten days. I have things I can do but I don't have time to go looking for full- or even part-time work as I have all the work I can handle this semester. it's just that gap between fall semester salary and spring semester salary that's got me in a bad way. that and the money I owe school which, if I don't pay soon, will result in a registration block which will make it impossible to pick up my berkeley salary so yes there I am in the position of not being able to make any money until I come up with some money. if you want to paypal me money for nothing, the email is catdoc at berkeley dot edu. I'm verified, if that helps. :) I will send you a print if you give me enough for postage too.

Blue Cross has weaseled its way out of mental health parity by deciding to reimburse "non-network" fees at only 60%. I'd be willing to bet they don't even have any licensed MFTs or MSWs in their network but in any case I'm screwed. even if they have therapists I'm not switching to one of theirs. the profit model never takes into account that even more than doctor-patient relationships, client-therapist relationships are not interchangeable. fuckers. I only have insurance for six more months anyway, assuming I graduate in the spring. after that I'll be asking my therapist for charity work.

enough angst. time to go into the heated room and do work.

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