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anyone want to venture a guess as to what your body is trying to tell you when it can't get enough cereal? besides "we're regressing"?

I've started having at least two bowls a day and the other day I had three and I'm going to have to start buying milk by the gallon and I'm a little ambivalent about drinking milk as is although at least I get mine from a place that says its cows are free to roam but one is never sure exactly what that means.

incidentally I stopped drinking skim milk and eating cancun burritos and started drinking whole milk and eating other things for dinner and my cholesterol went down. I got a carton of whole milk one day when they were out of skim milk--since I've been told that 1% or 2% doesn't save you that much in the fat department I figured why not go all out--and it made my cereal so creamy and delicious that I was instantly hooked. no wonder I hated skim milk as a child! mmmmmm fat.

so I just had my evening cereal and it was the last of the carton of milk that I swore I bought two days ago. maybe three. this is ridiculous. you'd think I was a 14-year-old boy.

I should be past that stage by now. I think I'm at least in my mid twenties.

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