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nothing like a bowl of heated cereal and milk to wind you right down. if it weren't so early I'd go to bed but on the other hand who cares about how early it is but on the other other hand there were some things I wanted to look at this evening but it is rather difficult to keep my eyes open to see them.

I can't imagine what is making me so tired.

oh maybe I can.

if I went to bed now I could get up and do laundry before dawn. except that I don't really have the cash for laundry but I think there is a fair amount left on my card so I don't think I'd have to take out a loan to fill it back up with funds but I'm not certain of this and don't really want to haul all my dirty clothes down there to find that I've only got 50¢ left. it would be nice to have clean socks though. I can afford to buy new ones even less than I can afford to wash the old ones.

I wonder what's the earliest I could wake up if I went to bed at 7. probably 6:30. I seem to have a set point of sorts such that I cannot get up before a certain time no matter how many hours of sleep I have had. and the more I've slept the more disturbing my dreams get by waking-up time. I'm not sure what that's about but one reason I set my alarm on my days off is to avoid the mornings spent dreaming that I am dreaming and cannot wake up.

tempting though. unless this is one of those nights where I am dozing off in front of the computer and then wide awake once I get in bed.

I suppose that is the risk.

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