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cold start

oh it's taking too long to get out of the house this morning. I need more laundry detergent and the laundromat charges outrageously for it so I would have to go get some and then come back and I still haven't actually gotten the laundry together and..

fuck this. I'll get up early tomorrow and do it. in fact what I should do is pack up all my dirty clothes today and go buy detergent this afternoon so that tomorrow I can get up, have coffee, sit, and go.

life is so fucking complicated. I hate laundry. it eats up three hours of your day with only clean socks to show for it at the end and as gratifying as clean socks are three hours is a lot of time to give up in the middle of one's day. this is why I want to get up at 5:30 and go directly over there: most of the day would still be ahead of me by the time I was done.

well then. so here I sit dressed in my laundry-doing clothes. naturally this is not acceptable everyday attire so I will have to change before I leave the house. it does entail a flannel shirt though so for the time being I will stay dressed this way. warmth is worth looking unfashionable at home.

well so then I guess I should either write my syllabus or my opening remarks. the latter are more urgent in that I can put together a syllabus while freaking out but opening remarks need to be written in something resembling calm. so. perhaps this is what I should do this morning.

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