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I did not go to second psych appointment. first one talks sense so I gave her phone number of second and said talk to him and then call me back and tell me what transpired and at that point I will make my decision whether to stay with the one or go with the other.

I hope it does not offend second psych terribly but what can you do about the doctorly ego. I'm hoping they can just trample all over each other's and leave me out of it.

I had pizza with tomatoes on it and my stomach is telling me too much tomato man. overly acidified gastric environment has ensued. I suppose there are remedies available for this but I only have enough money to buy milk for my cereal and then my therapist is actually paying me tomorrow which should make for milk and phone money till next paycheck.

no it is not national opposite day but insurance fucked up and sent her money that was supposed to come to me.

but so I am sort of hungry but also have a stomach ache. not sure what to do in this case. I suppose I could afford a roll of tums. it's looking like laundry will have to wait till wednesday. financially it is just out of reach.

oh the joy of living hand-to-mouth.

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