Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

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state of rest

I am going to go to bed now so that I can get up really early and do laundry. after that I have to make up my syllabus and think of a few more things to say on thursday then I should run syllabus off and probably stop by the art institute to see if I got any more desk copies and if not then I can harass someone about where they are. I am thinking I should reserve a car for this of course the funny thing is I have no money but the bank covered my citycarshare bill and now I'm $20 in the red until I find more money. so I can still drive.

it's not that I have tons of things to do before class on thursday but rather will I be able to keep my head enough to do them methodically and well. that is the hard part.

at least I still sleep like a log. a log that has disturbing dreams, but sleeps deeply nonetheless.
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