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as the day progresses I feel crappier and crappier but it occured to me also while meditating that I might have gone a day and a half without the usual prozac/zyprexa dose because I am not certain whether I remembered to take them yesterday and until just now I hadn't taken them today. that can also make for tweaky sick feelings. so I've got the thermometer stuck in my mouth because I have been alternating between chills and hot flashes and I just took my meds and in a sec I do have to go downtown to pick up other rxs. will try to stabilize first.

other than forgetting to take just about everything, the other area in which I may have fucked up was in walking two miles briskly enough to work up a sweat in the chilly damp yesterday. because the bupe has minimized my coughing I think I forgot the rule of respiratory infections that says if your symptoms are below the neck you shouldn't exert yourself but if they are above the neck it is probably ok to be active.


my temperature seems to be 97.6. kinda low but as a female I always ran cold and having not taken the usual neurotransmitter regulators I suppose things could be a little topsy turvy in the thermostat department.

perhaps I should bundle up.

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