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ok now I know what I have to do next. where to start tomorrow. this thing is dragging itself out but everything I've ever written has done that so what else is new. I think I might package up what I have and drop it off with my two less intimate committee members so that they aren't completely shocked when I dump the finished product whole and entire upon them after two years' silence. although I don't know how other students do it. I like to wait till I've got something nearly finished to let others in on it. it's not because I think what I'm working on is so fantastic that it has to be kept secret lest anyone bliss out prematurely, but rather, somewhat to the contrary, that I have to be fairly certain it is worth letting the light of day shine upon it before I let it out, and being the perfectionist that I am, that takes a really long time.

I will wait to see what Judith says first though just to see if there are details she'd like to see addressed differently.

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