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all fear all the time

I just remembered that today I was going to go read my evaluations. I knew there was a reason I was loathe to let the morning pass into productive time. it's not that I think they will be bad but I have never had a very thick skin and it does not take much to shake up my little ego. it is important, though, that I know what sorts of things are working for them and what are not, if I am to make meaningful adjustments this semester and also if I am to impress the art institute with my capabilities sufficiently for them to ask me back next year.

I also need to figure out to whom to ingratiate myself to be asked back. I do not really know who is in charge of what; I have met the department chair and I know the department manager but I don't know who exactly makes the hiring decisions. the fellow who hired me used to be the chair, I think, but I am not sure of that. I'd also like to know what sort of a future I have there, if any. I think one can only be "visiting faculty" for so long before they either make you regular or tell you goodbye. I would ask human resources about this but they rarely answer my emails. I mean I will probably ask them anyway but I don't expect an answer.

I also need to start thinking about summer employment. that I think I could do with a little mass email to strategically chosen persons. first I should find out just who is teaching this summer.

the one nice thing about normal work is that you don't have to keep hustling for it. on the other hand I never feel trapped in this industry!

too much to think about for a "day off," I say. I might as well do some work this morning but I'm not sure I'm up for it. I was also going to write letters today. finish my parents' letter, write my aunt a letter, write a letter to a friend I keep falling out of touch with. I used to like writing letters but as I get older I really prefer the informality of email. unfortunately my aunt, for instance, has no computer. I know. she's not even that old.


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Feb. 3rd, 2006 05:21 pm (UTC)
that's a lot to worry about for one day. i hope you can get some things done without too much anxiety, erik.
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