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civic duty

my taxes are filed. I'm getting a meager refund which pisses me off considering how very little money I have. how can they tax almost nothing? it would be one thing if the money were going towards free healthcare for poor folks or retirement homes for the older among us but the money is going to line the pockets of war profiteers and oil speculators. soon I'll be living in a cabin in the woods with heavy artillery and barbed wire fences to keep the feds out.

now it is on to sell books, many of which I've managed to get duplicate copies of for whatever reason. the one thing I can't seem to find is my second copy of Naked Lunch. one day I was in the bookstore and I thought why haven't I bought this before so I bought it and when I got home I realized that I had bought it before. doh. maybe I gave it to catherine.

I won't even go into the latest ploy by blue cross to swindle me out of thousands of dollars. I'm telling you it's time for the revolution.

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