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hard part

I just dropped my book on santiago as I dozed off. it was just a thin paperback so no harm done but he did find it annoying enough to get up off my lap.

really the only reason I am not up in bed yet is that I just drank a bunch of water and I know that if I go to bed before my kidneys process at least some of it I will have disturbing bathroom dreams. either there will be no men's room or it will feature festival seating. this will alert me to the fact that I am dreaming and I might manage to wake up but I will be so groggy that it will take two or three rounds of this before I can wake myself sufficiently to get out of bed and this will disturb the cats besides and although they usually come back, one 30-second trip to the bathroom can equal 15 minutes of getting everyone back and comfortable again. what a production.

so tum te dum. anytime now.

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