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I have moved the theater of operations to the livingroom where santiago has to come up with new creative ways to get my attention since climbing around on my stuff and trying to throw the modem on the floor are no longer effective since I'm not in there.

I believe he has just given up for a nap up on the wardrobe. well that is certainly fine with me.

oh I was mistaken. he is up on the wardrobe looking for things to knock off. he seems to have located a large chunk of bark out of one of the plants on the mantle.

jackson meanwhile sits within about half an inch of the heater. I hope he doesn't go up in flames. he seems to be sleeping a lot and just acting like the old man and I should probably take him to the vet soon for a tune-up. if he needs lots of work though I don't know how I will pay for it.

the decision has been to study webdesign today and paint tomorrow. the drive in cold rain down the coast isn't as appealing as it was at first thought.

this evening for dinner I think I will have a crepe. got my tax refund. :) it's not impressive, but enough to pay for a two-crepe meal.

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