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I really could go to sleep right now and am thinking I might except that what I want to do is stay up and read so I think what I will try is reading in bed and see how long I can keep my eyes open.

given that I just slept through meditation, finding myself thinking very complex dreamthoughts and then not being able to remember having closed my eyes but there they were closed and I was curled over the cat who curls up on my legs and keeps me nicely anchored so I would wake myself up and say "thinking" although "dreaming" was more like it and I'd open my eyes, try to place my gaze lightly upon some nondescript place on the wall and before I knew it I was dreaming curled over the cat again--given this, I predict that reading will not get very far.

so maybe what I will do is go to bed now and set my alarm for just before dawn and see how many different good things I can get done tomorrow. I have papers to grade but I don't think I'm going to grade them all just yet. predictably, only about half of them have turned theirs in. I told you I should have offered extra credit for being on time. maybe I will for the final paper especially since I don't want to still be grading them in July.

sleep, my master, is calling.

and you thought it was a cat. no. sleep rules all three of us and it seems I am second in command at night as when I turn in so do they.


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Feb. 21st, 2006 04:25 am (UTC)
ah, but there's nothing quite like falling asleep reading. it's my favorite.
Feb. 21st, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
it is nice, but I always have trouble mustering the energy to put the book away and turn out the light. I suppose sleeping for a little while with a book on my chest and the light on is not the worst thing one can imagine but what's left of my ocd likes things just so and this does not include sleeping with the light on.
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