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I've done a little writing this morning which is good but I have spent so much time on Deleuze I've sort of forgotten what Levinas has said and although I have tons of notes I find that reading notes does not help me to remember the essence of the passage even if at the time of noting I thought I nailed it. it's as though with theory the experience has to be immediate or it does not register. thus prospectus, exams, notes--all useless unless I want to copy and paste some things that I don't think really work.

so I guess it is back to the books themselves and I don't know how quickly I can reacquaint myself with Totality and Infinity and Otherwise than Being, but it will have to be pretty quick. I guess I was able to get a good reminiscence of Logic of Sense going after just a couple of chapters but I don't know these books quite as thoroughly.

well one does the work as it comes up and hopes for a foreseeable end. right now though I need more coffee and I think a long walk. I badly need to get out of san francisco but every time I think I have an extra hundred dollars a bill comes along and takes it. I don't know why bills always surprise me, as they are pretty regular, but instinctively my accounts receivable and my accounts payable are not related databases so the one is always a little shocked at the demands of the other.

maybe I should get a car though and take a trip to trader joes for people supplies and the vet for cat food. my favorite cereals are quite a bit cheaper there and you can even get decent frozen food for reasonable sums. I was just thinking that I should buy this RockStar Energy Drink by the four- or six-pack and I bet trader joe's has it for less than anyone else. the question though is do I spend the money on the car in order to save the money off the drinks or do I hoof it down there. I could sort of use the exercise I guess.

oh ho hum.

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