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my barber is sick today leaving me without a friday night plan. the reason the two have anything to do with one another is that i always get my hair cut on friday night that is i don't get my hair cut every friday night but every time i get my hair cut it is friday night. as it happens i only get my hair cut every five months or so but this always happens on a friday night and as it happens i had an appointment for a haircut tonight and moments ago i found out it has to be rescheduled probably for next friday night.

and here i just showered and got all gussied up for nothing.

i imagine that most men don't get so excited about getting their hair cut but i like to go up to my barber shop in the castro on a friday evening and get my hair cut and then strut around feeling all new and pretty. usually i go for a slice of pizza and a beer afterwards and i sit in a window seat to eat if one is open and i watch all the people going by and i usually feel so abundantly pretty that i think each and every one of them is stunning and i bask in our mutual stunningness.

i have no idea if i am really all that pretty after a haircut but that of course is not the point.

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