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I had to do this car meme just so I could talk about driving with my morning coffee because that is one of the best times to drive but maybe I can make that an answer to a question.

1) Do you drive the speed limit?
on surface streets, usually. on the freeway, hell no.

2) Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
of course. all my really expensive ones I got while quite young. 70mph in a 35 zone means saving your allowance for weeks to pay.

3) Whats the fastest you’ve ever driven?
like many, I don't know. I'm sure it was in zyrc's LittlePieceOfShit Honda (LPOS was a term of endearment) driving from seattle to san francisco in one day. the speedometer was pegged at 90 almost the whole time.

4) Do you listen to music in your car?
driving without music is like eating cereal with no milk. who would do it?

5) Would you rather be the driver or the passenger?
always the driver. I get bored as the passenger. the thing is, if you let me drive, you have to consent to never stopping. I don't stop for anything. food, peeing, nothing. unless I have to pee. but I'll gladly drive hundreds of miles without food.

6) What’s the longest distance you’ve ever driven in one day?
I would say that seattle to san francisco day was about the prize, although at sacramento I moved over to the passenger seat and let zyrc take us into the city. I was beginning to see things that weren't there.

7) Where was the first place you drove when you got your license?
I suppose I drove home from the DMV or whatever it was in GA. it was so long ago I really have no clue.

8) Did you have restrictions on where you could drive when you first got your license?
no. this was back in the day when at 15 you got your learner's and at 16 you got your license and at 18 you were allowed to use the drive-through window at the liquor store, although we did that at 16 too.

9) What kind of car do you drive?
usually I drive CityCarShare's Scion xA's. I have yet to drive an xB and think they look slightly ridiculous although I suppose I could put a lot of stuff in one. they also have a Mini that costs more than the Scions but I haven't driven it yet either.

10) Did you pass your learner’s permit test the first time?

12) Are you nervous about driving over bridges/tunnels?
only the eastern span of the bay bridge. that was the span that partially collapsed in the last big earthquake.

13) Do you have a lot of junk in your car?
no. citycarshare won't let you keep your junk in their cars.

14) Is your car clean?
they are usually reasonably clean.

15) Do you sing while driving?
yes but only on long distance drives. I feel silly singing while waiting for lights or while parallel parking etc.

16) Ever driven around without going anywhere?
used to do it like a drug. since I don't own my own car anymore, not so much, although I suppose that you could say driving in a big circle from here to new mexico and back is kind of like not going anywhere.

17) Ever followed someone while driving just to see where they were going?
no I don't like to freak people out.

18) Do you use cruise control?
I'm not sure if the scions have cruise control. I have yet to take one onto the freeway.

19) Do you blast your music?

20) Ever run a red light?
not on purpose but plenty by accident.

21) Ever been chased by the cops?

22) Ever been in an accident?
when I was a teenager it seemed like you had to have an accident every year in order to prove that you were driving. I've hit a school bus, a pickup truck, a small truck, and a guard rail. I haven't been in an accident in about 15 years or so and the last one was not my fault. some dude ran a stop sign to hit me.

23) Ever have a flat tire?
I don't remember ever having a flat tire, oddly. no maybe once. I do remember when my beetle would run out of transmission fluid because the hose kept slipping off. why I didn't get a better hose or connecting thingee I don't know.

25) Does your car have a sunroof?
no but the mini is a convertible. I might drive one one day.

26) Is your transmission automatic or stickshift?
they're all automatic. I prefer stick, though.

27) Does your car get good gas mileage?
I think they do.

28) Ever run out of gas?
only when the car I was driving didn't have a working gas gauge.

29) Places you usually drive your car?
the main reason I reserve cars these days is to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, or Trader Joe's. or to UPS to pick up a package if I don't feel like walking.

30) Ever back your car into something/someone?
only once. it was in a big pickup truck and I didn't hit it very hard so I just quietly drove away. am not sure what it was I hit. it was dark.

31) Ever get a parking ticket?
we used to get so many parking tickets that the one time they goofed up and overcharged us they asked if we wanted to put the money "on account" instead of getting a refund.

32) Ever driven without a license?
yes for a time I drove without a license after my GA license expired and I hadn't gotten a WA one yet. I'm not sure exactly what the holdup was other than my native phobia of bureaucracies.

33) Ever race your car?
I once drove in an autocross in our old barracuda. I think I got the slowest time ever. I was too worried about getting lost amongst the cones to go very fast.

34) Have a good driver’s ed teacher?
no. our teacher sucked and gave all the girls "C"s no matter how well they did. ruined my high school gpa, asshole.

35) Anyone ever throw up in your car?
only me. I managed to get my head out the window. mostly.

36) Ever lose your keys?
oddly I've never lost my keys. I will now.

37) Ever have a dead battery?

38) Ever leave your lights on?
sure. once I left the lights on on my housemate's car and she had to call AAA for a jump. I groveled for a little while after that.

39) Ever drive drunk?
I've driven in states I am ashamed to describe. the one time I got pulled over for drunk driving I wasn't fucked up at all.

40) Ever come close to getting in an accident but didn’t?
every now and again I will realize that I just came this close to getting creamed and I think man why am I afraid of flying??

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