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I believe all the blood has pooled in the very bottom of my brain

it would explain the apparent vacancies in the higher functions. I have not done one productive thing all day and am trying to do rectify that but my mind is in lala land and not coming back as far as I can tell. I need a vacation and seem to be taking one.

probably the thing to do is take my shot tonight. it's due tomorrow but I seem to have hit the trough early.

I might go to bed at seven unless I find a better way to make my stupids feel cozy instead of guilty. the organism is amazingly fragile insofar as if I don't get at least 9-1/2 hours of sleep I'm next to useless the following day. lose half an hour of sleep due to passing thunderstorm and that's it for the day. might as well read comic books until nightfall. no not graphic novels. comic books. graphic novels require cognitive capabilities.

I'm actually running on a little deficit of sleep for the past few days as I keep staying up late (10!) and getting up at 7.

I could try a little self-torture here and attempt to meditate. interesting results always ensue from flirting with alpha-stage sleep for 40 minutes. I don't know if it teaches me anything but I do come up with some interesting thoughts and pictures.

say I wonder if my parents have gotten my letter yet. only the gods know if when and how they will respond.

yeah it's time for jammies and heat and cereal and then that bedtime I fought against so righteously when I was 6.

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