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today is my thursday now. I have to grade a bunch of papers so that I will have not so many to grade tomorrow that I end up spilling over into monday, now my saturday. nonetheless on monday I have to go to the art institute to put the few printed essays in their boxes--we do most of the work via email--and put Night and Fog and Hiroshima mon amour on reserve in the library.

did I mention that of the six who stayed and watched Night and Fog, at least a couple reported that it was not so difficult to watch?


what is wrong with kids these days? I did get one comment that the scene that freaked her out the most was the mountains of women's hair. I thought that was interesting, because that was the scene I found most disturbing the first time I watched it too. the insane economy in the nazi's manufacture of corpses was perhaps at its most blatant in the bolts of cloth made from the hair. who on earth was supposed to wear that cloth? did anyone? knowing where it came from? it's questions like that that make the whole thing seem so unreal and yet absolutely terrifying in its mundanity. they killed millions and made cloth from their hair for everyday citizens to wear.

something similar is going to happen to queers and drug users here if we don't watch where we're going.

as one student pointed out, it already happens in factory farming, and although she said she knows that the holocaust was very different, I think the analogy holds. what I've read about factory farming makes it seem a similar experiment to see how much an intelligent, sentient body can suffer. and on a grand scale.

you can see, I am sure, the difference between quickly killing an embryo or fetus and condemning an adult social animal to live alone in a wire cage with a wire floor for six years or more. or worse. just in case you were taking me as a liberal who was more concerned about animal welfare than human welfare. as far as I can tell, anti-abortionists don't give a flying fuck about human welfare. they couldn't care less what happens to all those kids they want to condemn to live. you'd think, given the disproportionate number of human souls who are supposed to burn in the lake of fire for all eternity that they would welcome a chance to painlessly and quickly nix the soul's very existence.

tangent land. sometimes I think I should write a famous blog instead of an anonymous livejournal blog but a) how does one become famous in blogland and b) what would I do when people started yelling at me? not only am I thin-skinned, but I am obsessive. disagree with me and I will stay up all night thinking about it.

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