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i'm trying to figure out if i have something to say and whether it matters that every time i write something it starts off with 'i.' i mean i'm not sure what 'i' means so it seems disingenuous of me to be always using it but i have no clue how not to write in the autobiographical register because all i know is all 'i' know.

i mean i suppose if i tried i could come up with different characters. well really i have no imagination for characters. only words. i can come up with lots of different words but ask me for just one character and i will blank out. it seems to me that whatever characters might be in me could just as well be written across me as across discrete personas and voila the appearance of me everywhere even though i am not sure i believe in me.

that is any one of them could have a name but why not name all of them 'i.' or what difference does it make. they could just as easily be 'you' and in fact probably are but what is the difference between 'you' and 'i.' well really none except everything. 'i' is a claim and a taking up whereas 'you' is a designation but then again 'i' could just as easily be replaced by 'you' and in fact is always and all the time.

so when i say 'i' i could just as well mean 'you' and if you take your place you will notice that i am standing right there as well.
skip skip skip.
put yourself in my place.
no really do.

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