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now it rains

it's been looking like rain all day. it hasn't actually rained here, and as I rushed to grade the papers I thought if only I can get through them before it starts raining and well naturally it is raining now. I need a walk badly and I need my rockstar fuel and some candles and.

I suppose I could put on my rain gear. thing about my rain gear is that I bought it in my all black phase--you know, the one that lasted from 1983 until last year--and it does not go with any of my browns and blues. it has a small amount of blue on it, but it's navy blue and next to it the black just makes it obstinately black in theme.

it certainly doesn't go with my pinks but then who wears pink on a rainy day. I am wearing brown, blue and green.

I know a little rain and fashion indiscretion won't kill me but there is this band of yellow and orange headed straight off the ocean for the city it looks like. granted the orange is small and could probably be waited out under an awning somewhere but oh I just don't know.

life is hard. it's cold in here. I need to figure out what's for dinner.

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