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oh for the love of pete

the subject line is for sitting here in pete's cafe at the art institute wondering why I got paid $26 this pay period instead of the usual $600-and-something. I just spoke with The Woman In Payroll and she says she doesn't know what happened and will have to do some research and (probably) issue me a check for the difference on Monday.

the Worst Scenario Me is afraid someone is garnishing my wages, but surely they can't take 95% of your paycheck without notifying you. can they?? The Woman In Payroll said that my gross only showed as $28 and I didn't ask her this but if my wages were being garnished, wouldn't my gross show up at its normal $666? (no that's not really my gross but I wish it were) And wouldn't there be some notation on my payroll file about how xxxxbank came and took all my money?

maybe I'm a terror suspect and GWB decided he needed to confiscate my salary so that I could not afford cell phone calls to Osama.

stress. there is nothing I can do about this until she calls me back with the results of her research.

this sucks for several reasons including that I cannot pay rent till I have it and I cannot pay certain other people I owe whom, unlike the banks, I don't think they should be expected to pay for my nice clothes. I was also thinking of going to Green Gulch for a mini-retreat a couple of days next week but without money I cannot sign up for that either.


I do have cash in my account but just not enough for rent for instance.

maybe I should sit in my house and meditate all weekend long.

I wonder if I should call a bankruptcy lawyer preemptively? I found a network of firms that takes payments rather than requiring you to pay $1500 up front. the hard part as always is picking up the phone. isn't it ironic that I haven't been able to afford to pay a bankruptcy lawyer.

well. they can't kill me or put me in jail for being poor. they can put me on the streets though. this is perhaps my greatest fear. can I just say that one thing I truly do hate about america is that you have to make a certain amount of money to be able to have a roof over your head? I hate that. and I fully expect to be living on the street by the time I'm 65. my therapist says this is not the best way to envision my future and that there is no good reason why things would have to come to this but I've always assumed that since I hate wage-labor once the other schemes for accumulating capital run out, I'll be dirt poor and living out of a shopping cart. the scholarships and student loans and credit card purchasing power have all run out. what's next?

on the other hand today we were talking about the things I could do to earn money. she seems to think I have a lot of marketable skills. I suppose that's true.

damn I was in a good mood till I noticed the dinky paycheck.

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