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I did work almost by accident yesterday so today begins spring break at the art institute and yes they have the earliest spring break of everyone especially given that it is not yet spring. I slept till 10 today and am still in my jammies and worrying over how to organize my time off to get some good dissertation writing time in.

of course the white-knuckled bare-toothed way of going about it would be to schedule myself five hours of writing every day between now and March 25.

no I never do things that way. sometimes I will make up a schedule as though I were capable of such things and then I laugh as I watch everything that I am supposed to do after 2pm whither away into long walks and shopping excursions.

but this coming week I must do two things: write lots of dissertation and get the hell out of town for at least two days. I think I will take today and tomorrow off, work the rest of the week minus whatever time zyrc has in her visit to visit with me, then hop a carpool to Green Gulch Farm next sunday and stay there a night or two and bus it back. there is a little minibus that runs right past the farm to the "marin city transit center," which I suspect is a wide spot in the road and a shelter, where I can catch a bus over the golden gate bridge to within ten blocks of my house. public transportation here really is pretty awesome once you get over the chronically late and always crowded city buses.

doesn't this sound like a plan? green gulch guest quarters are relatively inexpensive and come with food so it's really a good deal to be there a couple of days I think. with bus fare at about $5 one way, it'd be a really cheap vacation. I just need to call them :0 and see if they have a room and if I can join them in their meditation schedule while I am there. gods only know when I will be able to talk myself into picking up the phone.

first I think I will get dressed. doesn't that sound like a good idea?

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