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to work or not to work

I have this thing rolling around in my head that belongs in my dissertation but if I open that file and start working on it then I will be working on my day off and that means either that I would need to keep working the rest of the day in order to earn a full day off later on or just consider this a "half day" and do another "half day" this week. thing is I hate half days. I prefer entire days when I do not expect myself to do a single productive thing.

well you should write when the spirit moves you so I guess I'll be getting dressed and writing now. later I can do something more fun like paint or something. the weather here is being the same strange weather it's been for two weeks now: alternating sun and downpours. so far it hasn't rained here yet but there are little green and yellow splotches all over the radar. I haven't checked the snow level yet but maybe I should get a car and drive down skyline drive.

no. everyone and his uncle will be driving down skyline drive to see the snow if there is any. I should paint. haven't done that in a while.


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