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I'm telling myself that during spring break which is unbelievably almost over and I was wondering just last night if time goes at different rates for different species and do the rats for instance perceive that they are moving really slowly when all we see is them scurrying around and is each lifetime thus lived at relative speeds so that we all seem to be here about the same amount of time. it only seems fair. is every catnap a full night and day for the cat for instance? how would we know?

what I'm telling myself is that the only thing I have to worry about getting done this week is as much dissertation as possible so once I have finished writing for the day I am free and having raised the week's total to eight pages this morning I now have the afternoon in front of me.

unfortunately I don't have any money so shopping is not an option unless I decide to just go try things on. yesterday I went into old navy hoping to get a pair of replacement brown corduroys and the cords are all gone, replaced by shorts and polo shirts. now where do they all go? the "clearance" items were garments I'd not seen before; you'd think the clearance items would be the winter items that did not sell. there's some interesting distribution of inventory going on there. I wonder if in March they send all the cords we don't buy to Old Navy's in the southern hemisphere.

which sucks because it is san francisco and it will be corduroy weather till next october.

or at least that's the usual pattern. given the freaky things the weather has been doing it might hit 90F in May here. good dog I hope not.

but so I was thinking that I need to play with the toys I've already bought which means I could read any one of 100s of books, play with some lego sets that have not yet been put together, draw or paint, build shelves and hang blinds, write music--I wonder if I could write a script that would generate a random leisure activity each day. seems pretty simple.

I was thinking of taking a book or two to a cafe to sit and read and hang out with all the san franciscans who don't have normal jobs. the hard part there is finding a cafe with an atmosphere I can stand. I'm kind of picky. the place I spent my birthday at for instance never plays music I like which would be ok if the music were quiet but it's loud. muddy's is always full of people who smell bad. there's the new place on valencia but everyone goes there and I don't want to pack all up and hike over there only to find no tables free.

life is hard.

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